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Entertainment Weekly features new look at Mad Max: Fury Road

Entertainment Weekly gets a first look at the 2015 film
Entertainment Weekly gets a first look at the 2015 film
Entertainment Weekly

There are plenty of films coming in 2015, but while moviegoers will have superhero movies and head to a galaxy far far away, audiences will be treated to other classic franchises. In this particular case, making its way back to the silver screen is the gritty and action hardy Mad Max. Since 1979, Mad Max has gripped moviegoers to the edge of their seats as the gruff hero (played by Mel Gibson) hit the road in a post apocalyptic world; and did two more times in later sequels. Since 1985, it seemed that Mad Max drove off in the sun set never to grace the silver screen again, but those worried have been to rest thanks to the next installment: Fury Road which arrives in theaters next May. There have been many changes from Fury Road since Thunderdome (such as Tom Hardy taking up the role), but one thing has remained and that is the involvement of director George Miller who will be helm this new film.

Thanks to Entertainment Weekly, fans to the action series were given their first look at the fourth installment. As anyone can plainly see, the magazine feature the 2015 on the cover; which showcases EW's apocalyptic edition. This gives fans a good look at Hardy's Max; as well as Charlize Theron who plays Imperator Furiosa: a badass commander with a robotic arm. While seeing the characters on the cover is great, what may be more beneficial for fans is Miller's comments on the film as EW was able to get some details on the upcoming film.

“I wanted to tell a linear story–a chase that starts as the movie begins and continues for 110 minutes,” says the Australian writer-director. Fury Road features few digital effects and even less dialogue, he explains. “In this crucible of very intense action, the characters are revealed.”

So not only do fans get to see the lead characters in the film, but George Miller is guaranteeing non-stop action in this upcoming blockbuster. That should be enough to make any Mad Max fan excited for next year. Then again, if you are not satisfied then you will just have to see more on Fury Road is revealed, or just wait to see the film next year.

What do you think of this update? Are you excited for this fourth installment ? Express your feelings in comments below. Mad Max: Fury Road rides on the screens on May 15, 2015.

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