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Entertainment websites: Foxcatcher set to debut at Cannes Film Festival in May

Channing Tatum (left) as Mark Schultz, and Mark Ruffalo as his older brother Dave, in Foxcatcher
Channing Tatum (left) as Mark Schultz, and Mark Ruffalo as his older brother Dave, in Foxcatcher

Want to be among the first to see the much-anticipated film Foxcatcher? Grab your passport, and get out your French phrasebook, as it’s slated to be among the movies debuting at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival which runs May 14-25, according to a number of entertainment websites Thursday.

The only film which has been officially announced by its studio to premiere at Cannes is Nicole Kidman’s Grace of Monaco, which, like Foxcatcher, was originally scheduled to open in theaters last Dec. 20 but had been delayed.

In mid-August, Sony Pictures Classics announced Foxcatcher would appear in New York City and Los Angeles the weekend before Christmas (along with Grace of Monaco and Monuments Men, already released to theaters), making it eligible for 2014 Oscar consideration. However, in late September, it was announced that Foxcatcher would not premiere in December, but was being pushed back to “sometime in 2014.”

In describing Foxcatcher back in August, The Hollywood Reporter wrote, “The film...recounts the true story of an Olympic wrestling champion (Mark Schultz) whose brother (Dave Schultz), a fellow Olympian, was murdered by a paranoid schizophrenic millionaire (John du Pont)..."

Directed by Bennett Miller (Capote, Moneyball), Foxcatcher stars Steve Carell as du Pont, Channing Tatum as Mark Schultz, and Mark Ruffalo as Dave Schultz, who was murdered by du Pont, the millionaire owner of the Foxcatcher wrestling facility outside Philadelphia, in Jan. 1996.

Both Schultz brothers earned gold medals in freestyle at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics. In addition, each had successful collegiate mat careers. Elder brother Dave Schultz was a three-time NCAA All-American (one year at Oklahoma State, twice at University of Oklahoma), winning the 167-pound title for the Sooners in 1982. Mark Schultz was a three-time NCAA Division I champ for Oklahoma (1981-83).

In striving to provide a realistic portrayal of wrestling, Ruffalo, a wrestler in high school, worked with former college wrestlers John Guira (Wisconsin), Jesse Jantzen (Harvard), and four-time Olympic medalist Bruce Baumgartner. In addition, the movie hired real-world referee Fred Feeney to play an on-the-mat official in a Mark Schultz match at the 1988 Seoul Olympics vs. Turkish matman Necmi Gencalp, played by former American University wrestler Muzaffar Abdurakhmanov who is now an assistant coach at Harvard.

A number of other mat stars appear in the film as wrestlers, including 2012 U.S. Olympian Jake Herbert, and NCAA heavyweight champs Zach Rey and David Zabriskie.

Meet some of the real-life wrestlers who are featured in Foxcatcher... with a photo album/list at College Wrestling Examiner.

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