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Entertainment Spotlight: ‘Unforgiven’

This weekend I would like to recommend one of, if not, the best contemporary Western movie currently available. Produced, directed by and starring legendary western star Clint Eastwood [link:], ‘Unforgiven’ is truly a must see for any fan of well executed drama (its genre aside).

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This magnificent movie also stars Gene Hackman, Morgan Freeman, Richard Harriss and Frances Fisher, who all deliver astounding performances. Gene Hackman even won an Oscar for his supporting role. Eastwood also won Best Director and Best Picture. With David People, garnering a nomination for Best Original Screenplay.

But all of the awards aside, the real magic of this motion picture is in its setting and accurate analogy to the cast’s actual career span. The story is also very enticing, as it presents a group of hardened brothel ladies’ quest for vengeance against a cowboy who abuses and disfigures one of them. They then hire a young mercenary who entices the retired and reformed Eastwood to assist him.

With a run time just over two hours, it is complete with the drawn out scenic vistas of the land, but that is not to say to the point of the story suffers, as the “superfluous” scenes about the characters, and not the plot are blended in seamlessly with the truly relevant and essential so that you really get “the best of both worlds.”

The motion picture is also bereft of the all too common “problems with the third act,” as the climax transitions into the finale so naturally, that it takes a keen eye to spot the final segment’s approach. But when it does come, the audience’s patience is rewarded with a resolution that is so perfectly apt, it is almost expected.

But just to show you that I’m not just a solo (or even a minority) fan gushing with this movie’s excellence; the elitist users have rated it an 8.3, which is among the highest ratings that you’ll find on any [American] film. Even Redbox still carries this 1992 title. So, if you haven’t seen it (or if it’s been a long time) this weekend, track a copy down and watch it. Trust me, you will not be disappointed…

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