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Entertainment Spotlight: ‘Dead Like Me’

‘Dead Like Me’was a short-lived television program on Showtime that captured a following of devoted fans, even though it only lasted two seasons. It is the story of Georgia “George” Lass (Ellen Muth), who is a stoic college dropout with no direction for her future.

images from the series.
images from the series.
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After she unexpectedly meets her demise, she is immediately recruited by a band of grim reapers, led by Rube (Mandy Patinkin), who delivers the “assignments” to the group every morning.

Since she died at 18, Georgia still has a lot of growing up to do and struggles to deal with the fact that she can still see (but not directly interact with) her father, mother and little sister.

In its short span, the series covers a lot of ground concerning the origin of the universe, death, fate, life and even the value of enjoying your time here while you can. The show was created by Bryan Fuller, who has a track record for creating some entertaining material (albeit usually short lived).

About five years after the series’ abrupt cancellation, a movie, ‘Dead Like Me: Life After Death,’ was released, which touches on most of the same conflicts as the show, but in a much more rapid succession. At its close, it doesn’t really tie anything up, but acts as a welcome distraction while devoted fans wait for it to get picked up by Netflix (never say never).

Regardless, ‘Dead Like Me’ is/was a very addictive story that deserves a watch (or second, or third, etc.).

Have fun peanut (you’ll get it later)!

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