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Entertainment for Conservatives!


Is Conservative Entertainment completely cancelled?

For just about as long as anyone can remember, liberalism has been the political ideology of choice in Hollywood. But that is slowly beginning to change. 


Hollywood regularly mocks conservative values. Me - and a lot of other conservatives in America - are ready to take our business elsewhere.


The entertainment industry's depictions of various characters and values add up to one message: Conservatives are bad for our country. What does that teach our children about respecting the right to hold dissenting opinions?


When I watch TV, I often cringe at the thought of how many people don't know they're being sold a philosophy under the guise of entertainment. Some of it is subtle, such as the passing comment on "Lie to Me" about torture at Guantanamo. Some is blatant, like the pro-liberal values on "Boston Legal," or when "Saturday Night Live" or another comedy show makes below-the-belt fun of a conservative one time too many.


Below is a list of Tinseltown celebs who make no bones about their conservative commitments. The list is growing, and each week one of these Hollywood celebrities will be profiled -- complete with a breakdown of their conservative credentials. Some you'll know. Others might surprise you. Either way, enjoy ... and know that if you're a conservative, you're not alone (even though it might feel like it sometimes)!

·         Stephen Baldwin: Actor, Radio Personality

·         Wilfred Brimley: Commercial Actor & Star of Cocoon

·         Jerry Bruckheimer: TV & Film Producer

·         James Caan: Legendary Film Actor

·         Drew Carey: Game Show Host & Former TV Star

·         Adam Carolla: Former Host of The Man's Show

·         Jon Cryer: Notable Film & TV Actor

·         Robert Davi: TV & Film Actor

·         Clint Eastwood: Academy Award Winning Film Actor & Director

·         Lou Ferrigno: TV Actor, Star of The Incredible Hulk TV Show

·         Kelsey Grammer: TV & Film Actor, Star of TV's Long-Running Series, Frasier

·         Angie Harmon: TV & Film Actor, Star of TV's Law & Order

·         Elizabeth Hasslebeck: TV Personality, Co-Host of The View

·         Dennis Hopper: Actor, Director & Two-Time Academy Award Nominee

·         Patricia Heaton: TV Actor, Female Lead in TV's Everybody Loves Raymond

·         Lorenzo Lamas: TV Actor

·         Heather Locklear: TV Actor and Film Star

·         Chuck Norris: Legendary TV Actor

·         Ted Nugent: Legendary Musician, Speaker

·         John Ratzenberger: TV Actor, Voice-Over Personality

·         Tom Selleck: TV & Film Actor

·         Ron Silver: TV & Film Actor

·         Gary Sinise: Academy Award Nominated Film Actor & TV Star

·         Sylvester Stallone: Producer, Director, Writer & Legendary Film Actor, Star of Rocky &Rambo Films

·         Ben Stein: Film Actor & Game Show Host

·         John Stossel: Investigative Reporter, Speaker

·         Janine Turner: Film & TV Actor

·         Jon Voigt: Legendary Film Actor

·         James Woods: Noteable Film Actor

·         David Zucker: Director of Airplane & Naked Gun Films


Before boycotting TV, which might not be all that practical, viewers should pay attention to the types of messages that get pushed through seemingly innocuous channels and vote with our clicker. Another practical step we can take is to send e-mails to the networks and express dissatisfaction when you see bias. Until we let them know that we want and value balance in entertainment, it will be more of the same. We have to let Hollywood know that by moving from entertaining to promoting a political philosophy, it has forsaken its customers. We can help change that. Complete guide


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ABC 13 KTRK  (713) 666-0713  3310 Bissonnet, Houston 77005

NBC KPRC Local 2 (713) 222-2222  8181 Southwest Freeway, Houston, 77074



  • Tomas 5 years ago

    Any list with Wilfred Brimley on it can't be good...
    But, that oldest daughter on 7th heaven grew up to be really hot!

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