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Enterprise Solutions for iOS Gets Major Overhaul

iOS Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise Solutions for iOS Gets Major Overhaul Enterprise solutions have been on the top priority of service providers for years now and with mobility coming into picture it has held major emphasis among various platforms. There is no denying the fact that android holds the bulk of the market share in the consumer sector. But it has been involved in providing highly intuitive and robust solutions to enterprise in order to capture that market also. But merely taking cognizance of this fact wont help any platform reach the target it desires. Apple in its part has shown that it is serious about enterprise mobility and providing highly robust solutions for businesses. The release of iOS 7 was a clear indicator that Apple is taking its enterprise arm very seriously. It utilized a wide range of options and mobile device management (MDM) services to provide employees and easy and secure ecosystem to use their own mobiles in the form of BYOD.

One of the biggest issues faced by the employees in that aspect was the security and privacy of the data. businesses wanted to protect their confidential information's while end user wanted to have privacy in their personal use. one way of tackling that aspect was to use VPNs and IT-approved apps authenticated using a secured VPN client.

But now Apple has started to put emphasis on small to medium sized businesses by offering volume based purchase of devices specially catered to enterprise mobility solutions. These devices allow apps as well as books to be purchased and pushed to any device using a unique MDM service. This is highly proficient as it allows business to manage all the devices at once without having the hassle of managing individual devices. Moreover Apple has also allow IT companies to build their own custom applications in accordance to the specific needs of the employees.

This new service would definitely fill the void created by BYOD and enable more security among employees as well as organisations. The core process of this services allows for differentiation in personal as well as corporate data, due to which It departments can easily manage one aspect of the device while end user can go easy with their personal use. A common example comes in the form where an end user can easily keep their privacy while using a facebook application along with working within an enterprise setting.

Apple is readily pushing this service to various enterprises to ensure its systematic acceptance and encapsulating of the enterprise bandwagon. Apple already has a good hold over the enterprise sector and reports after reports have suggested that iDevices are more popular than any other platform. Recently apple iPad as well as iPhone were judged among the top devices used in enterprises. Apple wants to take that hold even further which is why it is pushing for more robust tools in enterprises.

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