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Enterprise Mobility Myths We Probably Think are Facts

enterprise mobility solutions
enterprise mobility solutions
enterprise mobility

There is no denying fact that mobility has become mainstream and the acceptance of smart phones, tablets as well as other mobile devices as an essential tool in human lives. Facts state that device management has become the key aspect of enterprise mobility solution due to smart-phones and mobile application interpretation. In the business process of modern organization, Mobile technology is mandatory for making businesses more agile and responsive to the consumer needs. Mobile application development company help businesses to put more data in front of expertise assisting them to coordinate with the statistics, planning and execution thus making business more profitable as well as sustainable. But there are many misconceptions in the enterprises regarding mobility concepts which they see as cold-hard facts.

It's best to wait and watch

Enterprises are creating mobility strategies since 2012 but there are many organizations which are still waiting for the time to create plans for enterprise mobility. So, it is better to revamp the business process by creating more mobile driven business strategies by realizing potential benefits of mobile.

BYOD is mandatory

Bringing your own device at organization is not an effective solution for enterprise mobility but there are many other options. Corporately owned personally enabled (COPE) is being proclaimed as long term solution but it is already entrenched with its own set of policies. So there are many other traits as choosing your own device that is CYOD which can provide balance as well as work best for us.

Enterprise mobile apps are a security nightmare

If there are lots of mobile enterprise apps then IT managers have large amount of work to tackle with the issues created. The biggest delusion that people have is that data transmission on apps is not secure. But apps are no longer dangerous if right security measures are taken while using them because Tech expertise have ability to protect the device from any unwanted unauthorized access or any malicious software or human carelessness.

Enterprise mobility is too costly

Prepackaged business apps caters best in development of business processes and there are many offshore companies as well as dependable contractors that provide cost effective development of apps. Enterprise mobility solution has rationalize business values because it is a fact that app deployment cost money during its security and structure set up. The cost can be kept under control by taking right holistic approach but this is an asset for itself in terms of enriched productivity.

Enterprise mobility needs big investment in infrastructure

Who says that there is need of overhauling existing infrastructure while implementing technology driven business process. The new concepts should centered on simply creating an app that accommodate with back-end that maintain flow of information from traditional systems to mobile devices. These context driven processes does not necessitate large investment in infrastructure thus realizing potential benefits of enterprise.

The takeaway

The innovation of mobile technologies have entrenched resources of all companies. Enterprise mobility has become fundamental aspect that every organization should take. It is transforming businesses by enhancing unique strategies, launching new products and creating channel for on-demand processes. Competition is speeding up and Companies are providing end to end solutions because technology is evolving day by day. Thus, It would be better to undergo complete change management in order to achieve enterprise rather than sitting and mulling ill-effects of creating enterprise mobility solution. 2014 is the best time for building tomorrows mobile enterprise.

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