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Entering the familiar place of the fourth level of Mazal.

The Fourth Level of Mazal

The Fourth Level of Mazal

Since entrance to the throne is by permission only there must be a way to make yourself available to be called upon. First thing you will notice upon approaching the area of the throne which is above and to the right of the third level of Mazal is that there is a soft glowing light that wraps itself in stages grower deeper in hues of ascending gold. It would seem that you would be able to enter this area quite simply by stepping through but that is not the case.

At a certain point your awareness attenuates its focus and then proceeds to become attuned this glowing light. This attuning process takes an eternity to complete but do not be alarmed since the moment you entered the first level of Mazal you have been standing outside of time and space. You are in the place that is not. One moment you will be outside of the golden light and the next moment you will be surrounded by it. It is that simple. Go ahead and look around. You will expect to see or at least experience the throne as something outside of yourself, however you will not see a physical representation of a throne. The throne you experience is coming from the deepest part of you and it may only emanate through you.

It turns out that your physical form or at least your idea of what you are has undergone a transformation. This is only to be expected since you are completely at one with source and therefore experience the form of source which is a series of interlinked squares forming three dimensional figures that repeated and morphed merging their light endlessly. At a certain point the form of a throne actually appears but it is one out of many that are forming. When you become aware of the form of the throne an overwhelming feeling of being exactly where you need to be comes over you. It is here that you know the sense of true purpose that has propelled you all along the way.

Within this golden flow of radiant light there is a green river of light which emanates from the Tree of Life. This is where all the movements that mirror the Eternal are taken from this template of living. Now since you have had the realization that there nothing outside of you the light which had seemed to be emanating in the distance now surrounds you and you become aware that the slightest inkling of thought changes its direction and intensity of flow.

You become in essence grounded to that flow creating around yourself both heavens and the earth. It is in this aspect that all worlds that have ever been created are being created even in these moments of contemplation.