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Enter to win an overnight stay at Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion

Winners of KTLA 5's Haunted Mansion contest can spend time at Disney's California Adventure's Cars Land
Winners of KTLA 5's Haunted Mansion contest can spend time at Disney's California Adventure's Cars Land
Photo by Handout/Getty Images

KTLA 5 is hosting a contest where families can win a chance to stay overnight in the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland. According to a report posted on July 16, 2014, KTLA 5 is looking to treat families to both Disney theme parks in California, during a special spooky visit of this popular attraction.

The contest prize includes an overnight stay in the Haunted Mansion, plus four 3-day, 1-park tickets and a one-night stay at the Disneyland Resort hotel. All you have to do to win is share how your family dealt with a scary situation. It’s as simple as that!

In addition to sharing your scary story, you must provide a photo of your family and answer a few trivia questions based on the Haunted Mansion attraction. Trivia questions include:

  • In what year did the Haunted Mansion open?
  • On what exact date (in the year mentioned above) did the Haunted Mansion open?
  • When the Haunted Mansion opened, it was said to be home to how many “Happy Haunts?”
  • True or False - The original concept for the Haunted Mansion called for guests to walk through the attraction.
  • True or False - There is a bust of Walt Disney located in the Haunted Mansion.
  • What is the name of the vehicle that carries guests throughout the Haunted Mansion?
  • Who is the lead character of the “Haunted Mansion Holiday” theme when it takes over the mansion for Halloween and Christmas?
  • True or False - The individual who is the face of the original Madam Leota was a Walt Disney Imagineer.
  • What winged animal follows you throughout your journey in the Haunted Mansion?
  • How many hitchhiking ghosts want to “follow you home” from the Haunted Mansion?

Hopefully you know the answers to the above listed trivia questions. If not, they are easy to find online. But if you are truly a Disney fanatic or even one who enjoys the Haunted Mansion, chances are you already know the answers.

During the winner’s stay overnight in the Haunted Mansion they will hear many scary sounds and could possibly run into a spooky character or two. It appears as if KTLA5 and Disney have a lot of spooky surprises for the winners.

Winners will also be able to enjoy time at the Disneyland Park where they can experience the return of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and the many new surprises Disney has planned for the park. In addition to visiting the Disneyland Park, winners will be treated to time at Disney’s California Adventure where they will be thrilled to experience the excitement of themed roller coasters and the motor revving action of Cars Land. There will also be time to enjoy all of the food and shopping opportunities found at the Downtown Disney District.

To enter in the KTLA 5 contest or to see contest details click here for the official entry form.

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