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Enter the Vortex

Clearly, it has been a fascinating start to 2014. This year has seen a start with many disturbances. The most noticeable has been with the weather and the climate phenomenon 'dubbed' the polar vortex. Admittedly, this term is playful as it obviously bridges geography and physics to describe climate phenomena. America can continue to expect this nomenclature from the "climate change" advocates, which is an attempt to extrapolate global warming to weather.

In fact, weather does usually correlate to temperature. One obviously does not get snow with a 90 degree temperature and so on; however, reports from NASA over the last year indicate that the arctic ice shelf has increased by approximately 1,000,000 miles. Also, lets keep in mind the rescue of the climate change and ice surveying ship that was stuck in ice and forced to be rescued by helicopter. Finally, the polar vortex of weather gets thrown into the mix and all hell is breaking loose...

What Americans must remember is that there are no "real" models that can accurately differentiate between weather, temperature, and climate - or even predict a polar vortex. Projections are based on models that will require many more generations of refinement and precision to actually get accurate data. So, when America enters the middle of the year when the global climate change conspirators resume to tell us that we are about to finish of the planet, then remind them to "Chill out" and remember to bring up these cold truths. And don't get sucked into their vortex of nonsense and false science.

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