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Enter the turning point: Saturn and Mercury retro, Chiron on Full Moon

We enter a cauldron of pivotal and welcome change over the next week. Saturn in Scorpio went retrograde on Monday until July 7. Mercury in Pisces goes retro tomorrow and it all leads up to a major Full Moon in Virgo on the 25th.

What's it all mean?

(As you know, I love to view the planets from the highest possible light rather than the doom-and-gloom victim-based astrology that occasionally takes hold on the internet. Always a higher and greater purpose for every planetary combination.)

Well, in part, clarity may finally come in situations that have been complete baffling messes, sometimes for months (or years). Especially on the personal end. So if something feels wrong, TRUST that! (That's the Pisces psychic part).

And if anyone has been manipulating or using you (intentionally or not) you may wake up like a house on fire. So don't worry, waking up to unveil the truth is a good thing. (I've been hearing stories like this all week, it's the underbelly of Saturn in Scorp).

But here’s really the critical piece.

 All week this upcoming Full Moon is activating CHIRON, the Wounded Healer. That's the part anyone needs to heal and love inside, before you can be of true use to others. It's someone's primal wound, like an Achilles heel...and you don't even have to get a chart done to know it.

Just ask, "What's the issue that causes greatest pain or self-doubt?" That is Chiron. 

 So this upcoming Full Moon is shining light there big time.

It says: Invite the wound to be shown and healed. Offer it to the Divine. Shower it with Love. Don't kick it and blame it for hurting or yell at yourself for having it. Everyone has one!

Just treat it like a child or animal that you adore. Because...what is resisted, persists. What is detested, buries deeper. But what is loved can change and heal. Sometimes in the barest heartbeat.

Back when I did charts, I used to read a woman who had a lot of medical issues. I told her I kept seeing a dog being whipped but she kept saying she had no animals. Then we both realized she blamed and whipped her own body all day long for being ill when in fact it was doing the best it could with what it had. 

When she started to treat that inner animal with love and compassion, a certain chronic coughing spasm began to heal. 

That's Chiron.

(I would add also that this particular combination of retrogrades along with Chiron and the Virgo Full Moon are about as good as you will find for revealing, diagnosing and cleaning up old problems of all kinds, including medical and dental. Really good time to address things that have been put off.)

And here's a good Change Me Prayer for now. I use them because they allow the egoic mind to surrender to the wisdom of the Soul.

"My Beloved, free me from attachment to any situations that hamper my highest good or Your Divine Will. Help me release all my relations and problems into Your hands. The perfect solutions to any current dilemmas are already selected and will shown in the right time and way. Make me open, make clear my way.

Whatever needs to come, let it come. Whatever needs to go, let it go.

All of my needs are perfectly met; I am safe and fully cared for.

And change me my Beloved into one who can absolutely, wildly inundate myself with love, acceptance and compassion. Let me do so and then let me send this love with abandon into the world.

I am Yours.
You are mine.
We are One.

All is well.