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'Enter the Magical Mystery Chambers' shines like Lucy in the sky with diamonds

Album art influenced by the "Magical Mystery Tour" art.
Album art influenced by the "Magical Mystery Tour" art.
Cover design by Logan Walters.

Since January 4th, the internet has been ablaze with the new mixtape Enter the Magical Mystery Chambers, produced by Tom Caruana. As its title suggests, the album blends the Wu-Tang Clan's hardcore Staten Island rap with backing tracks provided by The Fab four.

Maybe it's the fact that the Wu-Tang sprinkles their albums so liberally with ridiculous excerpts from kung fu movies that makes the ridiculous excerpts from Beatles interviews feel right at home amidst Ghostface's stream-of-consciousness lyricism, RZA's thumping 808 tracks, ODB's manic rapping, and Meth's lisping flow. These seemingly disparate styles come together with the Beatles' layered instrumentals, choruses, and psychedelia to produce the finest mash-up since 2004 and the Danger Mouse produced Grey Album, which melded Jay-Z's Black Album with the Beatles' White Album.

Every track is almost perfectly produced: neither the vocals nor the instrumentals are overwhelming, and there are poignant Beatles-era interviews interspersed throughout which do an admirable job of transitioning between tracks.

Some of the tracks even give the listener that jaw-dropping "he-did-WHAT?!" experience previously reserved for tracks like "Smash Your Head" from Girl Talk's seminal Night Ripper album.

It's a no-brainer to download this album as soon as possible, But if you must limit yourself to only a few tracks, here are four that are must-hear: "C.R.E.A.M.", "Uh Huh", "R.E.C. Room", and "Run".

The album can be downloaded for free in its entirety here.


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