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Enter Sandmann: Grand Rapids little known but much loved barbecue haven.

Now that colder weather is edging its way toward us, and the last inklings of summer and its weather related activities begin to fade, it leads grill masters and their devotees to ponder where to get delicious homemade barbecue.That is, without having to huddle over their own grills exposed to the lovely and yet merciless Michigan winters.

Enter Sandmann’s…

Located at 1200 Wealthy St., just by the smell alone, you can tell these guys know what they are doing. The wafts of slowly wood smoked ribs and chicken beckons and intoxicates the senses of anyone within a 20 mile radius (seriously…drive by there and witness for yourself).

Regardless of what time of year it is the grill is going, and produces some of the juiciest, fall off the bone, and flavorful barbecue that Grand Rapids has to offer.

The meat gets the perfect blast from the tangy-sweet and slightly spiced homemade barbecue sauce, which makes ketchup obsolete as the accompanying dipping sauce for their fries.

In addition to said fries, Sandmann’s offers up more equally tasty side dishes to complement any meal you may order. From their creamy cole slaw and rustic baked beans, to their chunky potato salad and savory spaghetti (only on certain days though).

With Sandmann’s you can still have a slice a summer even in a winter wonderland.

For More:

1200 Wealthy ST. SE

Grand Rapids, MI 49506-2560

(616) 459-0900