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Enter Arsenal in ‘Arrow’s Seeing Red’

Enter 'Arsenal’. He’s young. He’s “comic book strong”. And he’s pissed as hell. He’s also known as 'Roy Harper’, Thea Queen’s love interest on the hit CW show Arrow. Actor Colton Haynes brought us this rage-infested, red hooded muscle machine in full concrete crunching glory on Wednesday’s episode “Seeing Red.”

Roy Harper becomes Arsenal in 'Seeing Red'
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We’ve been gearing up to this event all season, ever since Roy was injected with the Japanese miracle drug, Mirakuru. One thing about the CW’s version of “Green Arrow” is that they try to leave you guessing who’s going to turn out to be which character from the comics. But, Roy’s Arsenal is a no-brainer. Especially now that we’ve seen him use a few human beings as rag dolls and punch himself an escape route through a reinforced concrete floor.

While it’s true that Mirakuru use runs rampant on this season of Arrow, along with all of the mind-twisting, strength-enhancing side effects that come with it, no one else leaves a wake of destruction with the same adolescent style angst as “lil’ Roy riding hood.” That is what Haynes referred to his character as when we caught up with him on twitter.

But, the wrath of Arsenal wasn’t the only thing we saw on “Seeing Red.”

Early on, when the flashback sequence started, we learned that Oliver had once gotten a girl pregnant. Through the flashbacks we learned about one more of Moira Queen’s dirty little secrets: somewhere out there Oliver has a child. Moira paid the mother of the baby to tell Oliver that she had lost the pregnancy and to leave town.

But, that wasn’t the only secret she was keeping. With Moira it never is. “I have a hard time with the truth,” she confessed to her children in the back of their limo. She went on to begin telling them something about Thea’s biological father, Malcom Merlyn, some great dark secret, but was cut off when the limo was hit by a truck.

Oliver came to, only to find that he, his mother, and his sister were all in the custody of Slade Wilson, AKA: Deathstoke.

Before we get to what happened with Deathstroke/Slade, let’s backtrack just a little.

Feeling responsible for Thea’s current state of unhappiness at finding out that Moira and Oliver had been lying to her about her biological father, Moira decided to drop out of the mayoral race so she could concentrate on being a mother. Oliver, however, talked her out of it, telling his mother that the best thing she could do was let Thea see her do “something good.. as mayor.”

When Roy went on his rampage through the city he ended up crossing paths with Canary’s pet human, Sin, and gave her a black eye. Canary, AKA: Sarah Lance, didn’t take that too well, and decided to kill Roy, but Arrow/Oliver got to him first and took Asenal/Roy down with several ounces of morphine loaded into arrows. Shortly afterward Canary/Sarah realized her desire to kill Arsenal/Roy was wrong, and she left the city, commenting to Sin that she wanted “to see an old friend.”

Back to Deathstroke/Slade and the moment of captive psychotic doom.

When you see the three Queens sitting there on their knees, hands zipped-tied behind them, Oliver facing his mother and sister, you know what’s about to happen: someone is about to die. Sure enough, Slade forces Oliver to relive his worst memory of the island (so far) by trying to force him to choose which one will live, and which one will die.

Moira, on other hand, doesn’t let him make that choice. If there is one thing that could be said about Moira Queen it was that she loved her children. She didn’t even bother to “offer” herself so that Thea could be spared. She informed Slade that it was her life he would be taking. Which earned her the psychotic madman’s respect.

That didn’t keep him from killing her, but it earned his respect.

So, what does the rest of the season have in store for us as it nears it’s end? What will the Queen children do now that their mother is dead? When will Oliver find out he’s a father? What peaces will Sarah find in the company of her “old friend”? The only way to know is to wait... and to watch!

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