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Enrollment in Obamacare coverage will close permanently in a few days

Open enrollment for the majority of citizens interested in securing health insurance coverage through the network, or its Marketplace Call Center came to an end on March 31.

A fifteen-day extension was given to citizens, who accessed the online or telephone system to begin enrollment, but had problems due to glitches with these systems were given until April 15 to complete their enrollment. However, proof is required to complete the enrollment process through the call center.

Meanwhile discussions on how many people have enrolled in a health insurance plan for the first-time due to the Affordable Care Act is on-going. At this point, I am sure it’s safe for us to assume – millions of people who were not covered in the past are covered now.

Although, Republicans are still fanning smoke - attempting to restart the same old fires regarding cancellation of previous health coverage’s, problems with marketplace enrollment system, or an increase in health insurance premiums.

Citizens, who have always had health insurance coverage is used to yearly increases in their premiums, and expects government and large private employers to drop one or two previous health insurance providers for another at some point prior to open season enrollment.

Further, in response to marketplace computer problems: From the late 1930’s when Hewlett-Packard invented their first computer to our over-the-moon inventions of national database networks; there have always been system glitches (large and small) that someone had to fix before these networks functioned as required.

If you look back in U.S. history you will find - there has never been an enactment of any law that enforces equality which hasn’t been met with resistance from certain groups in our society. However, once the dust settles and overall benefits are recognized, it’s normally the Resisters who readily take credit.

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