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Enrollment continues to spike at Northern Arizona University

Northern Arizona University enrollment continues to increase

With college applications on the minds of many high school students and their families, there’s one college you may not want to cross off your list from applying-- Northern Arizona University. For the past five years, Northern Arizona University has experienced record breaking enrollments.

Administrators are attributing the steady growth to the four year tuition freeze for all freshmen. As tuition costs continue to increase around the country, many freshmen are turning to Arizona to receive a quality education with cheaper tuition costs.

With the influx of enrollment, Northern Arizona University has had to make changes to accommodate the new students. A new bus route has been added, as well as a new science bundling that’s currently under construction. Afterwards, there are plans to build a new academic office, new counseling center and a new aquatic center. Interactive software use is also increasing to take the place of many traditional classroom lectures, allowing students to identify personal strengths and develop strategies for a successful college experience.

Not only are academic needs increasing, but student housing as well. Northern Arizona University is meeting the need for more accommodations with student-oriented housing located just a short distance off-campus. Athletes are also benefiting from the growth of the university, as the Athletic Department now has more money to invest.

For students and families looking for a quality education, while not breaking the bank, Northern Arizona University is becoming an increasingly popular choice among many.

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