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Enrique Iglesias has surfaced as sleeping like a vampire

Enrique Iglesias has been offering us fantastic Spanish-American music for awhile and yet hardly anybody sees him around during the day. The answer to where Iglesias has been in our lives has leaked in the press, with reporting on Jan. 24, 2014 that Enrique Iglesias sleeps like a vampire. Enrique Iglesias has said that he doesn't sleep very much at night and instead he prefers to get his rest during the day like a vampire.

Enrique Iglesias performing onstage in Miami, Florida.
Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images

Iglesias has a habit of coming alive in the evenings just like vampires. He says this habit of his has developed because of his demanding pop career. He does try to find sometime to relax, saying, "When I have free time, I usually practice aquatic sports or I try to have a walk with my dogs next to the sea. But the truth is that I am not able to do that frequently due to the huge amount of work I have to deal with." He says he has gotten used to his hectic schedule over the years even though he hardly sleeps, as vampires do, and he prefers resting during the day.

While talking about his vampire like lifestyle, Iglesias says his profession has effected all aspects of his life, including his private relationships, reports Star Pulse. At 38 years old and still coming on strong, Iglesias has said he is able to deal well with the negative aspects of fame because he comes alive when he is on stage and at those times he forgets anything bad about his job.

Iglesias has commented, "When I see all those people in front of me at my concerts, I get so excited and I feel it's worth making music no matter what it takes." Most anyone who has listened to his music is really happy Iglesias has decided to share his talents with us. His music has a way of helping us share some good feelings about just being alive.

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