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Enough With Playing The "God's Chosen People" Card. The Numbers on Israel.

Israel vs. Palestine
Israel vs. Palestine
Israel vs. Palestine

The other day, Dennis Kucinich posted a drawing on his Facebook page of Gaza as a high, walled prison under heavy artillery fire from above. He called Gaza "the world's largest open-air prison."

The United States gives approximately 3 billion in aid to Israel each year. Recently, the former Israeli Defense Force commander told a conference that American taxpayers have contributed more to Israel's defense budget than even the Israeli citizens themselves.

In 2013 alone, the United Nations issued 21 resolutions against Israel and only 4 against the rest of the world, combined. These are staggering numbers considering there are 195 or 196 countries in the world total (depending on if you include Taiwan)

Concerning firepower, Gaza is outmatched. Israel has 3,870 tanks and 680 total military aircraft while Gaza has none.

While it is true that the leaders of Hamas have said some horrendous things about Israel, Israel is committing atrocities on a grand scale against the Palestinian people. And this is definitely a case of actions speaking louder than words. Hamas is dwarfed by Israel in military strength in a David vs. Goliath style fight to the death.

Since the recent fighting between Israel and Hamas began, 341 Palestinians have been killed, the majority being civilians, while the only casualties on Israel's side have been 3 soldiers and 2 civilians.

Israel seems to not hesitate when given the opportunity to play the "God's chosen people" card when justifying their actions, whatever they may be. Case in point: in recent days, the Israeli army destroyed the Gaza strip's only rehabilitation hospital, even though they knew there were no weapons inside.

While the most devastating carnage is being doled out by Israel, regarding their ongoing and seemingly neverending conflict, maybe both parties need to be told that concerning their respective religions of Judaism and Islam, they are each mistaken and just need to be reminded that both sides are fighting over a desert.