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2014 Winter Olympics

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Enough snow in Sochi? 2014 Winter Games has stockpiles from last year

Sochi has plenty of snow for the Winter Olympics
Sochi has plenty of snow for the Winter Olympics
Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

When the athletes go down the slopes there will be plenty of snow on the mountains. The concern was that Krasnaya Polyana, a mountain resort, would not have enough snow, but it hasn't been an issue. Yet, just in case things warm up, there is snow stockpiled to put on the course in a moment’s notice. According to the Wall Street Journal on Tuesday, the Russians have been stockpiling snow since last year.

Snow, piled together under giant tarps, has been collected since last year. The tarps, insulated to keep the sun out, cover mini, white mountains and are waiting to be used just in case the white powder is needed. While some fans might call the idea a bit crazy, the concerns about having enough snow has been voiced for over a year and Russia wants a flawless event.

One concern about snow is where the snow jump is located. Set in a lower altitude than other parts of the course, there appears to be plenty of melting snow. With mountain seen on both sides, there might be a need to turn on the show machines and make the powder perfect for the event. The Olympics are ready if that need to happen as well and a decision on what needs to be done will be left to the supervisor for the individual events.

Whether using the piles of snow or turning on the snow machines, it seems that the Olympic Games are ready for the athletes. The only thing left to do is groom the areas appropriately and welcome the world to the Sochi Olympics.