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Enneagram- How Do You Fit Into The Cosmic Jigsaw Puzzle?

Think about a jigsaw puzzle…if all the pieces were the same, how would they link together to create a whole picture? It is the exploration and appreciation of each individual piece which creates the experience. The way they finally join together reveals an even bigger picture and experience.

What if you and I are like pieces of a huge cosmic puzzle? What if our unique expression has tremendous value and purpose?

Are you living and honoring your authentic, joyful and on purpose expression? What if you explored a deeper level of expression?

A powerful and ancient teaching, called the Enneagram, enlightens us to the value and importance of individual expression and the potential for a harmonious world. The system demonstrates the importance of each piece of the cosmic jigsaw puzzle and how each piece is part of a bigger unfolding.

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Learning the system is a first step; it requires study and honest self-reflection. From there you are invited to embark on a journey that includes observing and understanding the underlying drivers that result in your behaviors. The system then provides specific identifiable choices, which can result in a magical transformation. You begin to grow-up the ego and bring consciousness to your behaviors, allowing partnership with your higher wisdom and Knowing.

The system’s secondary affect is an appreciation of the diversity of others.You see how each piece of the puzzle (each person) is meant to be different. This brings forth an acceptance of other’s perspectives and expressions. You value how each person’s uniqueness (although perhaps different from yours) creates the necessary connection (how the shape of each piece fits into the other) and allows all the pieces of the puzzle to fit together. The overall result is twofold; a happier on purpose individual and the potential for more harmonious interactions with others.

Enneagram wisdom is available in many books and on thousands of internet sites. Embracing the wisdom supports an honoring of your unique-ness and how you fit into the cosmic jigsaw puzzle just perfectly!

Nancy Markow, Connecting You with YourSelf, shares classes, workshops and circles that support personal empowerment. She offers Empowered Living with the Enneagram classes which include an introduction to the system and individual personal guidance to explore a unique pathway for transformation. For more information:

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