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Enlou plays for Locals Only

Upon arriving at the venue, Locals Only, you can tell instantly that the show will be relatively small. Once you walk in and see the actual layout of the area it is apparent that the small space will be filled with sound. The art that decorates the walls is done by a local artist and features an abstract feel of distortion. The stage is tucked away in the corner so seating is important, I recommend as close to the stage as possible. This type of bar is the new coffee shop, you have you’re regulars and you also have the fans that came to see the band playing. On this particular night the stage welcomed Enlou, a band from Cincinnati who's blend of melodic ambiance and strong haunting lyrics form masterpieces, as they embark on their 2 month long tour for the release of their new EP "Bodies Of Friends, Bodies Of Water."

Becki Young

Even with the confines of the small stage the energy of Enlou is very present. It is very clear throughout the show that the band truly enjoys playing music. Every member of the band appears to get lost in the music. They all obviously have fun on stage.

“Ghost Of Peace” was a highlight of the set for me personally. It is on their upcoming EP that will be released July 27th from Lujo Records. This song shows the talent and stage presence of the group.

As the set progressed the vibe in the room drastically changed. At the beginning of the show it was clear by looking around that many of the people had not heard of them before but as Enlou got deeper into the set many of the people were head bobbing and swaying with the music. The applause after songs also grew as the night went on.

Enlou is bound for bigger and better things in their near future. Their show is not one to be passed on, and despite one rowdy and obnoxious group that were at the show Enlou delivered a very solid set. I will definitely be checking them out on their next round through. I also encourage everyone to take the time to make it to a show of theirs, the vibe that is given off by these guys will surely get you moving and improve your day.