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Enliven your work day with some outdoor time


Don't get stuck at your desk during work hours.

Are you a home-based entrepreneur? Do you find that you are spending a lot of your summer hours indoors at your desk? Are you beginning to feel “cabin fever”? Do you feel as if you are missing out on the summer days because you are stuck at your desk doing work?

Well, do your office hours outside! Okay, maybe not all of your office hours, but some of the tasks you do indoors could just as easily be done outdoors in the scenic beauty of Chicago.

It doesn’t matter if you live on the North side, South side or West side of Chicago, or even in the Northern suburbs, Southern suburbs, or Western suburbs of the city, there are plenty of “outdoor office spots” you can frequent to keep a level of productivity while breaking the monotony of your office days.

Balancing your office time between indoors and outdoors could be done by writing your memos in Washington Park before the “Movie in the Park” begins. You could schedule to meet a client downtown at Millennium Station after which you can visit the Chicago Cultural Center. You could even commit to working a 6-day work week, dedicating Sunday to spending time with your family at the Children’s Museum to take advantage of the first Sunday of the month program offered by Target.

As a home-based entrepreneur, you don’t have to spend your entire workday or week indoors this summer. If you take advantage of the programming happening in the Chicago parks and museums, you’ll find that you will get a lot more work done while enjoying your summer, too.

About the Author: Cassandra "D.I.V.A. of Dialog" Lee is a home-based entrepreneur who runs and operates a training and consulting business where she conducts, delivers, and presents keynote speeches, seminars, training sessions, and workshops to educate and empower adult and youth audiences toward personal growth and career success.


  • Cathy Holloway Hill 5 years ago

    YOU GO GIRL!!!! SOOOOOOO PROUD OF YOU! I've put you in my favs - keep up the great work!