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Enlistment 101:How to prepare for the ASVAB in Atlanta

The most important part of your military career would be the test to determine your eligibility for enlistment. The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery test, or ASVAB, is used to determine strengths and weaknesses among possible military entrants from Atlanta and across the country.

Scoring on the ASVAB will depend largely upon your preparation. Just as with any test, the ASVAB requires careful study and prior preparation before taking. The better you study for the ASVAB, the higher your score will be.

The ASVAB is a compilation of the averages of each subtest given within the ASVAB battery. These sub-tests include a Math Knowledge test, a Verbal Composite test- which includes two areas; word knowledge and paragraph comprehension, and Arithmetic Reasoning.

These scores, once compiled, will determine your “QT” score. Known as the Armed Forces Qualification Test, this score will determine your overall eligibility to enter into a military service branch. However, be aware that each branch has its own QT score average. With the Coast Guard’s QT scoring requirement being the highest at 45, it is followed by the Air Force at 36, the Navy at 35 and the Army and Marines both at 31.

The scores you make on your ASVAB in conjunction with your QT scores will determine your level of competency and will therefore garner you more career opportunities within the military service. The higher the scores, the more opportunities you will have.

Studying and preparing for the ASVAB has never been easier. Before the advent of personal computers, many military applicants used a widely available ASVAB study book found at most libraries and book stores. This manual is still available and widely used today. However, since many young people today choose to take the ASVAB test via a computer (CAT/ASVAB) they may be more comfortable utilizing a computer for their practice tests as well.

This makes preparing for the ASVAB easier than ever. Many websites have study guides available and free for your use. Among the most popular sources for ASVAB preparation, provides potential service entrants a one-stop-source for all things ASVAB. With practice tests and advice as to which jobs may be preferential for you, is one of the best and most complete sources for military information.

However, some entrants may prefer a one on one experience with a hands-on tutor. In the Atlanta area these can be found easily by going to is a website that lists local teachers, professors and experts knowledgeable in their fields of study that can help you prepare and understand the ASVAB specifically.

Each tutor is available for a per-hour rate and their educational backgrounds and specialties are listed. A simple zip code search at the Wyzant site will direct you towards an ASVAB tutor in your town with many available in the Atlanta areas including Stone Mountain, Marietta, Lawrenceville and beyond.




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