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Enjoying the fruits of your labor

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It is your cake, therefore, contrary to popular belief, you should be able to eat it. On that note, here are five keys to enjoying the fruits of your labor.

Fun first

If life is not fun, you will not be concerned with laboring to bear fruit. Therefore, when you do bear fruit, make sure that you are having fun with it.

Please yourself

One of the best ways to enjoy your fruit is to please yourself with it. This is done by doing things with it that will better your life. On that note, the best way to better your life, is to purchase things that give you a sense of freedom or independence.

Freedom purchases

Not only is independence a fun thing to have, it is attractive. There is nothing like owning your own cell phone, car, house, or being able to purchase the clothes you want to wear. Also, being able to pay for hairstyles and other bodily grooming services feels great.

Only necessary bills

When it comes to bills, you can still have fun with your monthly dues. It is one thing to have to pay back a college loan. However, it is another thing when you are paying for cable television or data on your cell phone.

Paying back the college loan can feel like a chore. Paying your cell phone bill lets you know that you will be in service for the next month and able enjoy a deeper social life.

Blessing others

Another great way to enjoy the money you have received is to do something nice for somebody else. Blessing others will not only make them feel good, but make you feel good as well.

Also, according the law of sowing and reaping, you will get back whatever you give away. Therefore, your giving is never a loss on your part.



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