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Enjoying the early childhood journey

Children literally do seem to grow up in the blink of an eye
Children literally do seem to grow up in the blink of an eye

During that time in the early years of a child’s life they are constantly growing and changing. They literally learn something new every day or accomplish something new every day. It is a continuing and amazing process to observe; and it is an exhilarating time. Here are some milestones to look for in that childhood journey:

By the age of 7 months many children are able to: turn their head when they hear their name; smile back at someone who smiles at them; begin to respond to a sound with a sound of their own; enjoy games like peek-a-boo

By the end of 12 moths many children are able to: use simple gestures such as waving bye-bye; make sounds like mama or dada; imitate actions they see; respond to “no”

By the end of 18 months many children are able to: begin simple pretend play like talking on a toy phone; point to objects; use several single words; look and respond to an object (like pointing to a ball or a kitty)

By the end of 24 months many children are able to: use 2, 3, or 4 word phrases; begin to follow simple instructions (bring me the ball, or find your blanket); become more interested in other little children; point to a picture or object when it is named (show me the ball, show me the doggie, where is daddy).

If you do have questions about your child’s development, contact your local Intermediate School District (ISD). They have professionals on staff who are trained in stages of child development.

In the meantime, enjoy those early years. It is a cliché, but they really do grow up so quickly in what seems like the blink of an eye. Have fun with your little one and take pleasure in their early childhood journey.

(some of this information comes from Caring for Your Baby and Your Child: Birth to Age 5 by Steven Shelnor, Robert Hannermann)

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