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Enjoying kinako (roasted soybean powder) without guilt

Kinako, roasted soybean powder, is often used for Japanese sweets. I hear people say the nutty flavor of kinako reminds them of peanut butter. One of my favorites is “kinako mochi (see here for the picture),” Japanese rice cake with kinako and sugar sprinkled on it. Quite often I get the craving for it with green tea.

Now I am trying to lose weight and have to stay away from kinako mochi. I was looking for some way to enjoy the nutty flavor of kinako without guilt. After searching on the internet, I found two easy ways to enjoy kinako - “kinako yogurt” and “kinako cocoa.” They are different from kinako mochi, but still very delicious. Both are very easy to make:

Kinako yogurt: Sprinkle kinako and sugar on top of yogurt. I use honey to sweeten the yogurt, instead of sugar. Kinako yogurt is my favorite desert – with having kinako, yogurt, and honey handy, I can make a guiltless desert in a few seconds.

Kinako cocoa/coffee/milk: Add kinako to a cup of cocoa/coffee/milk. If you like kinako, try a tablespoon of kinako for a cup of drink. To make it sweeter, add sugar.

For cookie-lovers, the simple recipe of soft kinako cookies (no eggs, no milk) is posted at the website below:

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