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Enjoying a cigar in Buffalo

Due to tighter restrictions on where smoking is permitted, the public venues for enjoying a cigar in Buffalo are becoming increasingly limited. Traditionally smoker-friendly areas such as open-air stadiums are now entirely smoke free. Cigar smokers must turn to more creative solutions to enjoy their premium cigars.

One trend that is gaining popularity in Buffalo and the surrounding towns in western New York is private cigar clubs. Like-minded cigar aficionados plan get-togethers for the express purpose of enjoying cigars with friends and associates. One popular club, "The Finer Things Club of Buffalo", boasts a large number of local military service-men who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. The club meets at pre-announced times and typically at a members home. Each member brings a bottle of wine along with one cigar to enjoy for themselves and another to provide sampling opportunities to the other members.

A popular public establishment that has retained its right to accommodate cigar smokers is the bar "Alternative Brews" on Sheridan avenue. The bar hosts reasonably priced cigar-friendly events including bringing professional cigar rollers in for demonstrations, catered food, and well stocked humidors for the public to sample different brands and styles of cigar.

While you can no longer light up your favorite cigar anywhere you choose in Buffalo, creative solutions such as cigar clubs and finding establishments such as "Alternative Brews" will allow cigar aficionados to continue to savor their favorite premium cigars with minimal inconvenience.


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