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Enjoy your favorite session at Session Kitchen

The definition of 'session' according to Webster's Dictionary is "a meeting or period devoted to a particular activity". At Session Kitchen, this period of activity is devoted to drinking, eating, and socializing.

Loaded Avocado - Royal red shrimp, horseradish creme fraiche, beef bacon, and chives
Session Kitchen
Session Kitchen

Session Kitchen is churning out plates of globally-inspired, east-meets-west, locally sourced, and seasonally-influenced cuisine served in vivid iron-clad cookware. Session Kitchen's menu is divided into Jam Sessions, Group Sessions and Sweet Sessions. All sessions are meant for sharing, but jam sessions are particularly easy to divvy up between everyone at the table.

Start your meal with the Shishito Peppers which smell like they are spicy enough to burn your taste buds off, but are as mild as a green bell pepper. The sweet Japanese peppers are fried and then tossed in sea salt and finished with a squirt of lemon juice. Don't be afraid of the heat! These peppers are a lovely way to start your meal or to enjoy with a cocktail.

The Brisket Buns are packed with cream cheese, BBQ sauce, and pickled slaw and then closed making them look almost seamless. They are hot, filled with goodness, and absolutely divine.

The Loaded Avocado is possibly the most popular jam session on the menu. If you take a peak around the dining room, you'll see most tables are splitting the avocado-themed appetizer. Half of a peeled avocado is topped with smashed avocado, Royal Red shrimp, horseradish creme fraiche, beef bacon, and fresh-snipped chives. Royal Red shrimp are native to Alabama and are so silky and rich it's easy for an unsuspecting diner to confuse their taste with lobster. The loaded avocado is also served as a cheeky accompaniment to the Spice Grilled Flatiron Steak.

After enjoying a few jam sessions, move down to the group session section of the menu. The Duck Toast is so rich it's dreamy. Duck rillette, duck ham, and duck foie gras are all perched upon a thick slice of thick sliced bread. Summer melon, arugula leaves, and a savory dark sauce surround the trio of duck.

The Beef Bacon Burger tastes just as it sounds - beefy and bacony. Roquefort butter, perfectly griddled red onions, and thick sliced tomatoes top a grilled beef patty and luxuriously soft bun. The Kennebec Fries are worth a trip to Session Kitchen alone! Kennebec potatoes make delicious fries and Session has perfected theirs.

Dinner wouldn't be complete without a Sweet Session. Session's Cronuts come paired in orders of 2, 4, or 6. The sizzling hot cronuts are drizzled with either a smooth chocolate sauce or a cream cheese glaze. If you've fallen off the donut/cronut bandwagon (but seriously, who has?), the Almond Milk Panna Cotta is a delicate and delectable alternative. Vanilla panna cotta is topped with tart blueberries, crunchy honey almond clusters, and a play on boba made from soft dough.

A session at the bar is always a great way to end a long day or begin the night. The summer inspired Waterslide is made from watermelon, lime, and agave with your choice of Herradura Silver or Hendrick's Gin. Another summery drink is the T-Virus which mixes 42 Below Vodka, blood orange juice, ginger, lime, blueberry, and fresh mint until a beautiful deep magenta color is reached. It's as refreshing to drink as it is beautiful to look at!

Session Kitchen is open daily from 4pm and at 10am on weekends for brunch. All info and menus are available online.

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