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Enjoy “Whack Job” by Kendel Lynn

This is the second book in the Elliott Lisbon Mystery series by Kendel Lynn. The first book in the series, “Board Stiff” received a prestigious Agatha Award Nomination for First Novel.

Cover of "Whack Job" by Kendel Lynn
Cover provided to media for use

This series features Elliott Lisbon, as the director of the Ballantyne Foundation. As she is often called upon to perform discreet inquiries for the board and its members, she is also a PI-in-Training.

The book opens with hysterical mad cap scene that grabs your attention and doesn’t let go until the end of the book.

During the adventures, Elliott is planning a Wonderland Tea party for the Foundation. The Tea Party serves as a metaphor for the adventures that Elliott will experience in the book as she, like Alice, seems to be in a topsy turvy world where nothing is as it seems.

One of the critical elements in a successful mystery series is a great lead character. Elliott Lisbon is an intelligent, resourceful woman with a fascinating job. She fits into the upper-class environment needed in directing a billion dollar charitable foundation in the south, but seems equally at home at the local bar.

Another important element is location. I would love to visit Sea Pines Island, a fictional town reminiscent of Hilton Head South Carolina.

There is romance, adventure, a great mystery puzzle and lots of laughs in “Whack Job.”

I strongly recommend putting this book on your summer reading list.

Five Stars out of five.


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