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Enjoy unlimited opportunities with priceless skills of flower arrangement

For those who love flowers and floral art, learning flower arrangements MUST be a priceless pleasure. People who are planning to earn floral design skills must have some kind of purpose and after successfully earning practical skills of floral arranging, they MUST want to do something they like by using such a skill.

flower arrangements
California Flower Art Academy students, instructors an graduates
California Flower Art Academy

From person to person the purpose of learning floral arrangements must be different. Quite frankly speaking, there are unlimited opportunities for those who successfully mastered floral art. No matter whether they utilize their skill for business or hobby, they can make the best use of their valuable skill for a wide range of opportunities as mentioned below:

If they make floral arrangements just for fun as a hobbyist, they can enjoy designing and making floral decorations at any time they like. They do not have to spend lots of money for buying ALREADY ARRANGED FLOWERS at a floral shop. Instead they just buy fresh cut flowers at a florist and enjoy making arrangements of their own design and concept.

After completing an arrangement, they can enjoy displaying it wherever they like in their home. As far as fresh flowers are alive, they enjoy appreciating beautiful designs they made by themselves.

If they would like to make other people happy with this skill, they can work as a volunteer floral artist by visiting a retirement home to demonstrate or teach floral arrangements to retired people. If they are dedicated Christian, they can donate their time for making floral arrangements to decorate inside of a church.

Suppose they join a local community party, they can bring a home made floral arrangements to the party to enhance the beautiful atmosphere. In various occasions, they can make warm offers to make other people happy and the community and local people must highly appreciate their volunteer jobs.

If the purpose of learning floral design is for doing business such as running a floral shop or engage in wedding or funeral floral decorating services, their skill MUST contribute to earning profit for their business. If they successfully earned a very high level of floral arranging skill, they COULD teach floral designs not only as a volunteer but also as an assistant to a floral arrangement instructor. By getting an official certification of a floral design instructor, they can even offer their own flower arranging class.

It does not matter what kind of pleasure they can enjoy with their flower arranging skills. The bottom line is they can have unlimited opportunities for making the best use of their floral designing skills. Regardless of the goal of learning floral designs, it is quite worthwhile to challenge what they wanted to do with this valuable skill.

California Flower Art Academy has been teaching a variety of floral designs from European arrangements to Japanese Ikebana, wedding to funeral decorations AND beginner to professional levels since 1990 in the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley (San Jose) as a floral school certified by Flower Decorators Association (Tokyo, Japan). By joining California Flower Art Academy, students can make a choice of their most favorite course by well considering their taste, budget and goal of learning flower arrangements. If you are looking for a reliable floral design school offering quality lessons, why not join California Flower Art Academy where you can enjoy friendly hands on training of ONE ON ONE instructions. You can start from Introductory Program for less than $100. For more information, feel free to contact

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