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Enjoy those last days of summer with SomeKindaWonderful

SomeKindaWonderful Album Art
SomeKindaWonderful Album Art

Looking for that perfect album to take in those last sunsets of the summer at the beach while enjoying on a nice cold Corona? Look no farther than the self-titled release from SomeKindaWonderful. There’s something for everyone in this multi-genre little package. So no matter what your musical taste, you and your friends will all enjoy the smooth sounds of this Cleveland-based band. A word of advice: plan on gathering up some firewood between volleyball games as the party will be sure to stay well into the wee hours of the night dancing around a huge bonfire. Surely there is still time to make some lasting memories before the seasons start to change.

The first track, “Cornbread” is sure to get everyone in the right mood with its rhythmic beat and edgy guitars. It’s the perfect track to get everyone moving their feet and bust out an air guitar riff or two. The party continues with “Police”, an electronica-reggae mixture that takes me back to my UB40 days.

Perhaps best known for their hit single, “Reverse”, this is one song that will have you hitting the replay button over and over. It has a smooth, soft sound with just enough beat to keep her bikini swaying as the sun disappears into the horizon. Lead singer, Jordy Towers’ dynamic voice really shines here. It’s very unique in the fact that once you hear it, you will never forget its sultry, yet raw sound. The thunderous beat in the background is the perfect compliment to Towers; enhancing without overpowering. Aside from Jordy, the star of this album is the percussion. Each track revolves around the beats that are well thought out, written and performed.

Perhaps the climax to this album is the anthemic “Shine on Me”. I can picture this track being sung in church choirs throughout the country and fit in perfectly. But this is one that I would love to experience by the band itself during a live performance. Speaking of live performances, SomeKindaWonderful will begin a nationwide tour this fall beginning mid-October so be sure to check out their website for dates and cities near you.