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Enjoy the Spring Breeze as you Trapeze on the Santa Monica Pier.


Professional trapeze artists aren’t the only ones that can perform circus acts these days. Apparently the average Joe can get into the swing of things as well. For two hours, you can feel like you are part of the act. The single class involves hanging onto a bar by your knees and swaying back and forth in the wind while your instructor is waiting for you to gather enough courage to release and latch on to their arms on the other side. At first sight, the whole experience is easier than it looks. However, the flying trapeze not only involves precise timing, but also trust in yourself and your instructor to be able to gracefully wisp through the air with great ease unscathed. Even climbing the 23-foot ladder on to the solid platform and somersaulting into a large waffled net seems like a feat in itself. Yet, the whole experience will still be worth your while.
The flying trapeze will no doubt allow you to gain much respect for the many generations of professional trapeze artists who have performed in the past. The flying trapeze was actually invented in 1859 by a Frenchman named Jules Leotard. The traditional fliers costume, the leotard, was actually named after him. Today, the Trapeze School New York is responsible for allowing the every day person a chance to fly. Opening for business in New York City in 2002, TSNY appeared in the popular HBO series Sex in the City. Since then, they have never looked back, eventually adding the Santa Monica Pier to their list of locations in 2008.
Classes can be bought online at the TSNY website. Sessions typically are priced between $47.00-$57.00, although you might find discounts by buying a package or checking with updated Groupon or Living Social deals. Bring socks and sandals, and wear clothes that fit snug, such as yoga pants. Further information can be found on the TSNY website.