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Enjoy the rides not the food at The Fair

Make sure to stop by the petting zoo, animals get awfully friendly with carrots around.
photo provided by Christian J. Lam

All the merriment and fun found at the Miami Dade County Youth Fair is vast, but not trendy. You will find large amounts of food stands that range from shish kabobs to gyros, but sadly no alternatives for the (un)common vegan or dieters. The park is so huge that walking around will take up an hour without even being distracted by all the attractions, so hunger will ensue. It will be challenging but not impossible to enjoy the fair without breaking diets and still maintaining that favorable waist line.

The first objective is simple; don’t go on an empty stomach to the fair. Sadly this first code of conduct will be hard to follow. Not only because of the temptations of food around, but mostly because nobody ever plans to eat a large meal before heading out for a day of recreation. Eating out is usually expected by all parties and makes the day more interesting. Sadly, when dieting, one will feel like they’re fasting in the middle of the park. Take in all the water and lemonade possible, but it’s going to be a pretty large growl that empty stomachs will churn out by the end of the park.

The second objective is going to be trickier; being an animal lover. While the fair employees (carnies) will do their best to keep you spending extra dollars just to get that awfully large plush doll, animals are the main attraction of The Fair. For anyone not accustomed to a barnyard, beware of odors. But those who are okay with odd smells will get to see the sight of some beautiful bovines, extremely large fowls, and exotic animals like camels. Even better, the petting zoo allows access to easily feeding these magnificent creatures for a dollar, or three, or five depending on how much you love the ATM style eating habits of a goat.

These two considerations will go a long way into enjoying The Fair even when looking for a healthy alternative. Be advised that it’s not The Fair’s duty to keep anyone healthy; rather it’s a place where children of all ages can forget about the responsibilities and concerns of real life. It is a place where first dates, nostalgic couples, and hyper active friends all convene to enjoy the count less lights and dizzying rides. It’s hard to find a decent salad in the same place that serves a burger inside of two crispie crème doughnuts.

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