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Enjoy the Heart of Tuscany at Casale Bozzo

The buildings on Casale Bozzo date back to the 17th century..
The buildings on Casale Bozzo date back to the 17th century..
Casale Bozzo

If your idea of a dream vacation is to escape to Italy and live among the locals, Casale Bozzo in the heart of Tuscany offers the perfect retreat. Located next door to the two medieval villages of Massa and Cozzile near Montecatini Terme, the 17th century Casale Bozzo sits amid a working olive grove.
Former farm buildings have been converted to two self-catering apartments where you can stretch out and make yourself at home. Sit on the terrace and take in the breathtaking views of the valley and or wander down the country lane into Massa and enjoy one of those tiny, untouched villages of Italy that make you forget about the rest of the world.
If you’re the type that wants to actually pitch in and help on the farm, then Marinella and Fabio Di Segni who own Casale Bozzo will happily let you join in. Especially during fall harvest season. You can even earn free time in an apartment for doing so - but be prepared for some hard work.
The trees are harvested using a device known as an “oliviera,” which is a long stick with prongs on the end to knock the olives down into the nets. A large part of the work is spreading the nets out under the trees and tying them all together so the olives cascade down the terraces to be scooped up into crates. There are over 500 olive trees on Casale Bozzo and countless terraces, so harvesting goes on for weeks.
Even guests who don’t help in the picking can enjoy some of the best olive oil in Italy produced from these Casale Bozzo olives.
Picking is done in the morning and the rest of the day is free.
For pickers, and nonpickers alike, the grounds of Casa Bozzo are so gorgeous, you may never want to leave. But if you do, this is the perfect home base to explore Tuscany and places like Pisa, Siena, Florence, San Gimignano or Lucca. In addition, some of Italy’s most famous vineyards are also located near Massa e Cozzile.

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