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Enjoy the festivities of St. Patrick's Day while watching your waistline!

St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner and with that comes lots of tasty foods, and fun. One way to participate in the fun but still watch your waistline is to drink a glass of water about 1/2 hour before eating, preferably with lemon (or lime) added. The reason is two-fold. The lemon water will help to provide a gentle detox for the body and will also help you not eat as much as you normally would. Drinking water prior to a meal makes you feel fuller faster, thereby helping to combat overeating. You can also make a 'specially' ordered meal by asking for less meat to be added to your classic corned beef sandwich or substitute/add a salad to your meal.

Celebrate the famed St. Patrick's Day with a green drink! My favorite recipe is below:

- 1 cup of Kale (unique to Ireland:-)), or Spinach
- 1/2 cup Pineapple, particular frozen (contains the naturally occurring digestive enzyme, Bromelain)
- Almond milk (enough to cover all ingredients)
- 1 Orange
- 1 Tablespoon of Flax seed/Chia seeds/Hemp seeds (all add protein to your diet, as well as valued Omega oils)

Place all ingredients in the blender and you have a tasty treat. It's a great way to have your own "green drink", while others are drinking their green beer! Enjoy!

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