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Enjoy the fall leaves at your local ski resort


Autumn is so redeeming for us skiers as it brings us to just one season away from snow.  Is the crisp cool air drawing you to the mountains to see the fall leaves?  Ski resorts have a lot of beauty to share this time of year and some are having Fall Festivals to celebrate the season.

Whitetail Ski Resort's Fall Festival was mentioned in the last article.

Another great ski resort in the Mid Atlantic, Timberline in West Virginia, is celebrating the fall leaves for several weekends. 

September 25-27

October 2-4

October 9-11

Timberline is about 45 minutes away from Spruce Knob, which is the highest elevation in West Virginia.  This is a favorite fall destination for many. 

This great mountain area is a real colorful treat you don't want to miss if you are looking into a get away this Autumn.  Maybe you could hike around on the trails you ski on!   This is really hard, but leave the skis at home since the temps are not low enough yet.