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Enjoy the beautiful simplicity of the present moment

Human Contentments (20th century), by Edgard Farasyn
Human Contentments (20th century), by Edgard Farasyn/Public Domain

Wednesday, June 4, 2014: Today beauty and warmth makes addressing worries and finding something positive to say easy. So... Let warm conversations and a heart filled with loving kindness and imaginative ideas bring a lightness to your day.

Be gentle with yourself, be kind to your body and value who you are. Get into a zen-like groove and enjoy the simplicity of each moment. When you're in the moment, life becomes lighter, and whatever your work might be, you'll find that your labor is no longer a burden.

Today's Quote

Living with a four-year old is a great opportunity for learning to slow down and be joyfully present. Right in front of me I have this wonderful teacher. She lives almost entirely in the moment. She finds joy in the simplest of activities. She expresses her joy and love freely. Everything is still new to her, and she lives with a curiosity, spontaneity, and joy that I envy. ~ Michelle, Seeking Joyful Simplicity

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