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Enjoy playing with your kids at KidsZone in Suffolk, Virginia

If you’ve been looking for a great place in Suffolk to take your kids/grandkids to play that is packed with fun for them and costs you nothing but your time, read on. The KidsZone playground, located behind Farm Fresh on North Main Street and adjacent to Holly Lawn Cemetery may be one of the best kept secrets in the area – however, it is much too nice a place for your kids to play for it to remain a secret.

I think I'll go in this way ...
I think I'll go in this way ...
Janice B. Holland
where parents can rest
Janice B. Holland

This beautiful park is a “Community Built Playground”, combining efforts of both private and public funding to bring this park to fruition. It began as an initiative of Suffolk’s Early Childhood Development Commission when their study of the needs of young children reminded members there was no city park in Virginia’s largest city. In particular, that was an issue for day care providers as there was no area large enough for them to take their children to play outdoors during the day on quality playground equipment.

Phase one of the project was completed 13 years ago in July 2001 while phase two was completed in 2009. The playground area is surrounded by a walking track, 2 picnic shelters (1 with an outdoor grill), a skate park and the Howard Mast tennis complex.

Recently a dog track has been added for the benefit of those who desire to give their pups a change of scenery from their regular walks. There is no word on whether the cats will get an area just for them.

It appears the city is in the process of adding a boat marina behind the tennis complex (to the left of the playground area). Since the entire park is officially known as Lake Meade Park, that would seem to be a natural addition to a top-ranked park.

If you don’t have a child or grandchild to take to KidsZone, go take a few laps around the walking track. Watching the kids play with reckless abandon, laughing the entire time and giving adults lessons on how people of all races, cultures, economic situations should get along is enough to warm anyone’s heart.