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Enjoy one of the "Best Breakfasts in America" right here in Houston!

Wings & Waffles
Wings & Waffles
Jenn Molholt

How many awards do you need from a place to convince you to go?

The Breakfast Klub (3711 Travis St) was recently lauded on Good Morning America as one of the top breakfasts in the country. Now, USA Today, thanks to the high praise of Beyoncé, is also listing the Klub as one of their top 10 places to start your day.

This is all thanks to their fabulous Wings & Waffles, a pairing that might seem odd to those who have never heard of it but comes as natural as...well... Katfish & Grits... to the long time customers of the Breakfast Klub.  Come on a Saturday morning and you can find yourself in a line that wraps around the building.  But have no fear - long experience with the early morning crowd means the staff are pros at keeping things moving, often coming out to take orders and make sure they answer any questions before you get to the cash register.

And those aforementioned Wings & Waffles?  Drizzle a little (or a lot!) of the hot, self-serve syrup over the combination and you'll understand exactly what makes them so popular.  Fluffy, crisp on the outside waffles and a savory, crunchy wing hit with a bit of sweetness might just be the best way to start your day.