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Enjoy Low Cost Owl Canyon

Enjoy hiking, rocks, scrambling, and camping
Enjoy hiking, rocks, scrambling, and camping Lucinda Roth

Hiking and camping do not need to be very expensive. The Owl Canyon is a perfect example of this. Typically you can camp for less than $12 a night here on the public land. The great thing is that if you need to use the restroom while camping or hiking here they actually have a restroom. This makes it great for those who want to go hiking but still want a few modern conveniences. The drawback is that the water tank can go dry and the toilets are of the pit style.

Don't spend alot to camp
Don't spend alot to campLucinda Roth

Camping is only allowed in the Owl Canyon Campground typically. Typically they do not allow for back country. They charge about $6 a site for camping and the camping areas have a table and fire pit in addition to a kids area and views of beautiful cliffs and fossils. Hiking here is very scenic and there are abundant hiking trails for people of all skill levels to enjoy.