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Enjoy lessons of floral arrangement that MAY be the king of women’s hobbies

First of all, I do not mean floral arrangement should be enjoyed only by women. There are many men who do and enjoy floral arrangement. As a matter of fact we can find male students who are taking lessons of floral designs at flower schools. However the vast majority of people who do floral arrangements is women, which is true.

Ikebana arrangement
California Flower Art Academy

From person to person, the purpose of learning floral arrangements is different. Take students who are learning floral designs at California Flower Art Academy for instance, the majority of students want to earn flower arranging skills for hobby although some students do have very clear goal of having their own floral shop or work as a floral designer after earning floral designing skills.

As far as they learn it strictly for hobby, it is not so difficult to achieve their goal by learning flower arrangements. If the goal is to do floral business, they MAY face some difficulties in the future. Quite frankly speaking, there are several advantages with the hobby of floral arrangements as mentioned below:

*Place: It does not need any special place for enjoying this hobby. If it is a sport, players need a spacious place such as basket ball court, tennis court or swimming pool. If it is a driving hobby, they need a car, road and driving destination. If a hobby is seeing a movie, they need to go to a movie theater. In the case of karaoke, they need a karaoke machine or they need to go to karaoke place.

When it comes to making floral arrangements, all they need is flowers and a couple of items such as vase and floral foams. They do not need a big space and they do not have to go to a special place to arrange flowers.

*Fee: How about the fee for enjoying the hobby ? If it is driving, they have to pay car maintenance fee which is pretty expensive. If it is swimming, they have to go to a beach or belong to a sports club that offers a swimming pool. In order to travel to a beach, they need time and also traveling fee. In order to use the facility of swimming pool, they have to pay the fee for using a pool.

When it comes to floral arrangement, it is not necessary to pay a maintenance fee and all they need is buying flower materials and floral foams. Vases can be used repeatedly and it does not cost so much.

*Time: For enjoying floral arrangements, they do not need so much time. However for enjoying travel, they must spend a lots of time. For playing golf, they must spare at least half day. For enjoying cooking, they need time for buying ingredients, cooking, eating and also washing dishes etc.

The skill of flower arranging can be considered a lifetime property. Once they have obtained this property, they can use it forever. And this property will never depreciate in its value.

How about other types of property such as a car ? The value of a car is usually depreciated every year and in order to keep it, they have to make regular maintenance which is pretty expensive.

By designing and making floral arrangements, they can enjoy themselves. If they make floral decorations for other people as a volunteer, what they do is appreciated by other people. Some people offer floral arranging lesson at a retirement home. Some people make floral decorations at a church as a volunteer. Some donate floral arrangements to the local community. People who make floral arrangements can enjoy themselves and at the same time they make other people happy. In various senses mentioned above, the hobby of flower arrangement CAN be considered to be the king of women’s hobbies.

If you are interested in learning floral arrangements, California Flower Art Academy can help. Our hands on training of ONE ON ONE instructions greatly helps entry level of students easily earn practical skills of floral arrangements. From a WIDE RANGE OF PROGRAMS, you can make a choice of your most favorite course by well considering your budget, taste and goal of learning floral arrangements. If you are interested in learning floral designs or our school, feel free to contact We help you make a difference in floral art.

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