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Enjoy Fresno parks this weekend

Miss Ortiz feeding geese at Roeding Park last summer.
Miss Ortiz feeding geese at Roeding Park last summer.
JoAnn Estrada-Young

The rains are out of here, and some clouds will remain, but if tradition holds true, San Joaquin Valley residents will fill Fresno parks this Easter weekend. The seven-day outlook is calling for 66-68 ° on Saturday and Sunday. I can imagine the lines of cars at Woodward Park and the delightful smells of barbeque grills there and at Roeding Park, as well. If you want a spot in either park, you need to get there early. After a great meal, you can enjoy the surroundings as you meander through the park.

Woodward Park offers an undulating, flat to moderate climb/descent, path to walk or jog off a big meal, or you can hit the Eaton Trail on foot or bicycle. Allow yourself plenty of time, because the wildlife, Japanese garden, lake, and play areas will invite you to linger.

With a seemingly more complicated layout, Roeding Park is another family-friendly venue suitable for picnics, barbeques, and walking or jogging. Of course, there are the added attractions: the lake, Storyland, Playland, and the Chaffee Zoo.

For a list of nearby parks, their amenities, and directions from Fresno, click here. Many newcomers are surprised to find so many places to enjoy fishing and other water-related recreational sites in this area, because they are not visible from our main artery, Freeway 99.