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Enjoy ethnic cuisine and fresh concepts at Kome Japanese Restaurant

On 2880 Center Valley Parkway in Center Valley Pa, there is a restaurant that specializes in mouthwatering Japanese cuisine and a great time with family and friends.When someone enters Kome Japanese Restaurant, the first thing they notice is the friendly welcome that the hostess offers as they lead individuals to their choice of a table or booth. As someone walks to their table, they begin to take in the atmosphere of the place. Brown tables and white chairs give the establishment a comfortable feel. Attractive brown floors complete the look. Yellow lamps illuminate the restaurant with a pleasant glow. White ceilings aid in giving this modern Asian establishment a spacious and pleasant feel. Upon reaching their table, patrons receive a menu and see the variety of options that are available. At this point the customer realizes they will want to stay awhile.

To start the meal on the perfect note, Kome offers tempting appetizers that will please everyone at your table. Some of the savory soup selections are the miso soup (silk-tofu soup), clam miso soup (scallion paste) and spicy seafood soup (clam, calamari, shrimp and bok-choy). The fresh salad options are the house salad, seaweed salad (with sesame oil), portobello salad (grilled portobello, goat cheese and vinaigrette dressing) and an Asian pear salad (Asian pear, roasted beets, goat cheese, a spring mix and ginger vinaigrette). Some of the most appealing cold appetizer selections are cold filet mignon (with shabu, sesame sauce and micro greens), salmon tartare (with wasabi panko, chives and peach miso), tuna carpaccio (cucumber, pineapple, tomatoes, pine nuts and mint aioli) and seared cajun tuna (tomato chutney, aioli and fried leeks). All of the above are excellent options that bring customers back time and time again.

If a patron is looking for fresh and new menu options that they won't find anywhere else, they don't have to look any further than the raw bar and sushi station. Some of the most appealing raw bar selections are Japanese oysters, king crab leg and live sea scallops. The tempting sushi and sashimi selections are tuna maguro, salmon sake, yellow tail hamachi, striped bass, Japan red snapper, king crab and shrimp. The best sashimi options are the sea urchin, fresh water eel, egg omelet tamago and fried soybean curd. These are all tempting menu selections. This establishment also offers additional sushi combinations. The most popular options are sushi (nine pieces of chef's choice and one roll) and extra sushi (sixteen pieces of chef's choice including chu toro and two rolls). All of the regular sushi selections come with two pieces per order, the sashami has three pieces per order).

When it comes time for the main course, Kome offers delicious entree selections that will leave you wanting more. The best options are the grilled jumbo shrimp and scallops (grilled asparagus and spicy mala sauce), a char grilled chicken breast (with broccoli and teriyaki sauce), cast iron dry aged steak (New York strip steak, sweet potato, coleslaw, anchovy aioli, wasabi sauce), crispy tofu and vegetable (bok-choy, broccoli, grilled asparagus, mushrooms and teriyaki sauce) and surf and turf (grilled New York strip steak, grilled scallops and shrimp, coconut curry sauce and grilled asparagus). These are all excellent selections.

Kome Japanese restaurant also offers special roll and regular roll options that bring individuals back time and time again. Some of the most alluring special roll selections are the shrimp berry roll (shrimp tempura, avocado, strawberry jam, crushed nuts and eel sauce), passion lobster roll (steamed lobster, avocado, cucumber, mango salsa and mint aioli), Saucon valley roll (tuna, scallions, avocado, crunchy tempura, mayo and eel sauce), a creamy king Crab roll (king crab, cucumber, avocado and sesame sauce) and a promenade roll (king crab, avocado, cucumber, spicy tuna and pineapple miso). The most appealing regular roll choices are the California roll (crab stick, cucumber and avocado), king crab California roll (cucumber and avocado) and a Philadelphia roll (smoked salmon, cream cheese and cucumber).

In addition to these options, this establishment offers tempting vegetable rolls and side dish options that will leave a lasting impression. The best vegetable rolls are the mixed vegetable roll (mixed greens, cucumber, avocado, sprouts and gobo) and a cucumber and avocado roll. Every entree deserves an excellent accompaniment. The best side selections are steamed string beans (with teriyaki sauce) and grilled asparagus. All of the above are excellent selections. Kome also offers delicious lunch specials and lunch bowl options that make patrons of all ages content. The most popular lunch specials are a sushi set (with seven pieces of sushi and one roll) and the Maki set A (California and spicy tuna roll). The best lunch bowls are the spicy tuna and spicy salmon. Both are served with miso soup. All of the above are tempting selections that please individuals of all ages. So, the next time your family is looking for an excellent new place to try, consider Kome Japanese restaurant. Adults can also check out the sake lounge and enjoy a cocktail with friends while they wait for their table. Enjoy.

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