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Enjoy desserts without the guilt: Tips and lighter twists

Desserts are hard to resist because they are sweet, tasty, have eye appeal and are just deliciously irresistible. Many of your favorites contain fat which actually adds moisture to desserts. The fats bulk up the flavor to baked goods. Those same recipes that have been family favorites for generations can be made healthier lighter and still remain delicious if you do a little experimenting.

Tips for some lighter dessert tricks!
Jackson Cooking Examiner / Beverly Mucha

Healthier and lighter twists to try when baking:

  • Try using fruit purees or yogurt in your recipes to replace an ingredient that contains excess fats you can live without.
  • Toppings for desserts can be just as appealing and tasty by skipping the icing, frosting, glazes and ganache's simply by using low-fat plain yogurt or low-fat whipped cream instead.
  • One way to avoid adding extra far when baking is to use nonstick bake ware. By doing this you can skip using butter and shortening to grease the pans.
  • You can use non-stick cooking spray to prepare baking pans which adds very little extra fat before baking the dessert.
  • To completely eliminate all fat when preparing a pan to bake with simply dampen the pan with water and line them with nonstick parchment paper before adding the batter for a healthier cake to bake.
  • Use Phyllo dough instead of a traditional pie crust or puff pastry. Phyllo dough is a lower-fat alternative when preparing tarts and pies. Just lightly brush the dough with some sunflower oil for best results to prevent them from sticking to the pans.
  • Baking with dark chocolate or unsweetened cocoa still provides the chocolate flavor you crave with less fat than milk chocolates. Plus, they contain more flavonoids or antioxidants which are heart-healthy and aid in preventing heart disease and strokes which are usually found in cocoa beans, fruits and vegetables.

Desserts don’t all have to be guilty pleasures!

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