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Enjoy a wine pairing with you meal at Luca D’italia

Some of the best restaurants, from the food to the service, are those with 10-15 tables and a focus on homemade cuisine made with love much like Luca D’Italia. With a small but well-balanced Italian menu consisting of fresh, seasonal ingredients, a tasting menu is the way to go. You can choose your own or have the chef surprise you with 4-5 courses that will get better with each dish they present. With a wide and unique selection of vino, the wine pairing is the best thing to compliment your meal while enjoying a quite evening. The service is great and the atmosphere is quaint. Take a peak into all the work that goes into your meal through the window from the dining area into the kitchen. From date night to an evening spent with friends, this is a place that you can enjoy while not realizing that hours have passed by.