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Enjoy a vegan/veggie Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a fun filled holiday that includes delicious food. Most will grill hamburgers, hotdogs and barbeque ribs, leaving the vegetarians and vegans without options. With proper planning, even those with the most discriminating diets can enjoy Memorial Day.

Delicious picnic food
A. B. Brown

For example, there are good tasting, meatless substitutes for hamburger. Portabello mushroom burgers served with cheese or without cheese, multi-grain wheat buns, with yogurt, pickles, lettuce and tomato are healthy, tasty alternative. A simpler meatless burger would be those found at Walmart in the healthy option freezer section. Garden burgers, made with soy, or black bean spicy burgers that come four in a pack are great for grilling indoors and outdoors. A popular brand of pre-made veggie/vegan burgers is Morningstar. Also, falafel burgers are tasty and made of healthy ingredients.

Tofu hotdogs, soy hotdogs, hotdogs created with onions and veggie chilli are meatless options. Some popular store bought brands are Smart Dogs, Tofu Pups, Big Franks and Tofurky. Delicious side dishes that complement healthy burgers and hotdogs are easy to prepare. Eggplant sliced and marinated, grilled tomatoes, kale salad, potato salad and macaroni salad that are eggless and made with vegannaise complete the meal. Of course, no meal is complete without dessert.

When considering vegan desserts, fruit and yogurt usually comes to mind. Yet, there are decadent vegan desserts that even carnivores enjoy eating. Dark chocolate mousse and strawberries, coconut milk ice cream, cinnamon cake with coconut glaze are just a few. Fruit such as watermelon, cantelope and kiwi are perfect for picnics. With a little imagination, these fruit can be used to create mouth watering vegan dessert.

Happy Memorial Day! Stay fit and fabulous!

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