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Enjoy a tropical Caribbean vacation

A large Caribbean cruise ship
A large Caribbean cruise ship
Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images

There is a vast array of reasons for the popularity of cheap Caribbean vacation packages. Bright blue waters, outstanding beaches, and impressive tropical gardens are just a few of the characteristics that set the Caribbean Islands apart from their competition. Visitors from all around the world are drawn to the beauty and diversity of these unique islands. One can indulge in St. Martin's stimulating nightlife, explore the extraordinary waterfalls of Jamaica, or take in the spectacular scenery for which the Cayman Islands are famous. There is no bad choice when it comes to selecting a Caribbean vacation destination.

Some vacationers enjoy exploring the historical landmarks, underground caverns, and unusual limestone formations that are found on many of the islands, while others plan a Caribbean vacation to indulge in water sports such as scuba diving or snorkeling. Those planning a trip to the Caribbean may wish to consider some of the following destinations:

Exciting St. Martin

A great location in which to enjoy authentic Caribbean fare, St. Martin is a terrific choice for a tropical vacation. White sandy beaches, outstanding shopping opportunities, and a boisterous nightlife can all be found on the island. Those who enjoy the beach during the day and the dance floor at night will be well-satisfied should they choose St. Martin as their getaway destination.

The Scenic Cayman Islands

One of the most scenic areas in the Caribbean, the Cayman Islands offer amazing views and picturesque landscapes that make visitors feel as if they have just stepped into a storybook paradise. Those who enjoy diving will find this island ideal, as some of the world's most outstanding dive sites are located on the Cayman Islands.

U.S. Virgin Islands–A Tropical Paradise

When visiting the U.S. Virgin Islands, vacationers will quickly discover why this part of the world is considered a tropical paradise. Whether one chooses to enjoy the unspoiled beauty of Saint John, the rich history of St. Croix or the exciting nightlife offered by St. Thomas, anyone who chooses the Virgin Islands for their Caribbean adventure is sure to have the experience of a lifetime.

Jamaica–The Gateway to the Caribbean

A favorite tropical vacation destination for many years, Jamaica offers Caribbean culture at its finest, where guests are treated like old friends and encouraged to make themselves at home. Stunning scenery and a vast array of attractions and activities await vacationers on this lush green island. Visitors can choose to hike to Dunn's River Falls for a picnic lunch or indulge in some sightseeing in the scenic Blue Mountains. Known for clean wide beaches and friendly people, Jamaica is a wise choice for any vacationer.

Regardless of which island one chooses to visit, cheap Caribbean vacation packages can be found to suit every budget and lifestyle. Therefore, even those working with limited funds can still enjoy the unforgettable experience of a Caribbean vacation. Whether one wishes to indulge in water sports, go sightseeing, or simply enjoy a cocktail on the beach, this enchanting area of the world offers the perfect environment for a unique and memorable vacation.