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Enjoy a slice of blueberry pie to celebrate National Blueberry Pie Day

Almost everyone loves pies. Almost everyone loves blueberry pies. Therefore, they can celebrate on April 28, because it is National Blueberry Pie Day.

April 28 is National Blueberry Pie Day

Blueberry pie is a sweet and delicious pie filled with blueberries. Blueberry pie is a popular dessert in the United States and around the world. Americans have been filling their pies with delicious, fresh-picked berries since the colonial era. Blueberry pie was first eaten by early American settlers.

Did you know that Maine produces more blueberries than any other state? In fact, 25% of all low bush blueberries grown in North America come from Maine. That makes this New England state the largest producer of blueberries in the world. Blueberry pie made with wild Maine blueberries is the official state dessert of the state of Maine.

Blueberry pie has been documented in the Appledore Cook Book in 1872. Later, several other various cookbooks such as Paul Richards Book of Breads, Cakes, Pastries in 1907 noted that berry pie was served in New York Hotels

Today, blueberry pie is one of the most popular pie flavors in the United States. Blueberry season begins in May and ends in the late summer. However, you can bake a blueberry pie any time of the year even when fresh blueberries are not in season. Frozen or canned blueberries taste just as good in a pie.

Blueberry pies are fun and easy to make. Check out how to make a blueberry pie in the video attached to this article. If you do not want to bake a blueberry pie yourself, head to your favorite local bakery.

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