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Enjoy a fun and exciting Baltimore cruise

Baltimore city cruises are great getaway options
Baltimore city cruises are great getaway options
Photo by Paul Morigi

Baltimore's inner harbor is one of the city's most visited locations. There are numerous cafes and restaurants nestled on the harbor's edge. Those who find dinner or day excursions of this type appealing will be pleased to know that many Baltimore Harbor cruises are also available from which to choose.

The Harbor is one of America's oldest seaports, and the aforementioned venue provides a fun and interesting a way to enjoy the city's historic landmarks and other popular attractions. The duration of such cruises will vary depending upon the line one chooses to patronize. Some trips are as short as two or three hours, while others last the entire day.

Most cruise lines offer both day and evening excursions during which visitors can enjoy sightseeing from the climate-controlled deck of their chosen ship. This type of cruise can typically be booked at any time throughout the year. There are also lines that offer child-friendly cruise options as well as those that are geared toward couples.

An additional option that many tourists enjoy is a moonlight cruise. These typically run throughout the summer months and over Labor Day Weekend. This type of cruise is usually of short duration, and leaves the dock at approximately midnight, returning at 2am.

This option provides open seating where visitors can indulge in late night cocktails and snacks while dancing beneath the milky way. Most ships boast an outdoor observation deck where guests can enjoy a panoramic view of the Harbor. However, this option is for those who are 21 years of age or older.

When booking Baltimore harbor cruises, one may also wish to consider a holiday cruise, such as a New Year's Eve fireworks excursion. Similar to the moonlight cruise, this is also an option for those who are 21 years of age. These cruises usually depart around 9:00 pm and return at 1:00 am after the passengers have rung in the new year. Regardless of the option one choose, those who participate in this activity will likely find it an enjoyable and memorable way to experience the city of Baltimore.