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Enjoy a flower arrangement gift for Valentine’s Day

February 14th is a Valentine’s Day. For those who have loved one, Valentine’s Day is a good opportunity to express their love to her/him. The event of Valentine’s day is now quite popular not only in the United States and Europe but also even in Japan although it looks like there is subtle difference in habit and the way of giving gifts.

Idea for Valentine's Day flower gifts
California Flower Art Academy
Valentine's Day floral arrangement
Better Homes and Gardens,

If you have a floral arranging skill, it is a good idea to make flower arrangement gift for your loved one. Custom designed floral arrangement made by yourself is valuable and priceless. The recipient of the gift must be quite impressed with this home-made custom designed gift.

If you take a look at websites of floral shop online, you must find various flower decorations specifically arranged for Valentine’s Day gift. This kind of information gives hints and suggestions to those who have no idea about Valentine’s Day floral gifts.

Those who have ever learned floral arrangement and have a basic floral designing skill MAY have less difficulties in making floral gifts. If you have no idea about Valentine’s day flower gifts, how about making or buying one of floral gifts introduced below:

*Basket flower arrangement: By using the same skill of making a wedding flower basket, you can make this floral gift. Get a plain basket and make decorations so it looks beautiful. And arrange fresh flowers in it. If you use soaked floral foam, make sure the basket will not get so wet. In addition to fresh flowers, you can put additional gift which your loved one likes (such as miniature whisky or chocolate etc.). 

*Bouquet: Although it takes a long time to make a bouquet, the recipient of this floral gift must be very pleased with your hand made bouquet. Hand-tied bouquet is good for Valentine’s Day gift.

*Pomander of natural flowers: The typical use of pomander is a wedding. A bride usually holds a pomander which enhances the beauty of a bride. By using floral foam in the shape of ball, pomander is made. A ball shaped floral foam is usually soaked to keep flowers’ life longer.

*Tiny and simple centerpiece: This floral gift MAY be easier for beginner floral designer. Use a tiny simple vase such as cube glass container that can be bought at a very affordable price ranging from $2.50 to $5.00 per piece. Dip floral foam in the water. Then insert flowers (you like) into soaked floral foam. Make the arrangement simple and cute.

If you have no idea about how to make above floral decorations, how about visiting websites on the internet such as,, or YouTube to find hints and advices for Valentine’s Day flower arrangements or floral gifts ?

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